"After enduring several years of ineffective dental and orthodontia remedies to correct a poorly affixed crown, I feel lucky to have visited Dr. LeSage for a consultation that gave me clear options for treatment. I am beyond thrilled with the results that left my smile healthier and aesthetically perfected! Dr. LeSage has established a leading-edge practice with a wonderful staff that keeps my smile optimal."
    -Allyson- Beverly Hills California
    "As a frequent public speaker, it's a great comfort to have a place like the Institute to trust for the care and maintenance of my dental health. Dr. LeSage's reconstructive work for me brought together an amazing combination of scientific expertise, state-of-the-art technology, master craftsmanship, and artistry. I had no idea how profound a difference great looking teeth with a perfectly aligned bite could make! "
    -David Allen- Ojai, California, International best-selling author, Getting Things Done: the Art of Stress-Free Productivity
    "I am thrilled with the results and feel more confident about my smile since my dental restoration! I was treated with respect and kindness by Dr. LeSage and his very competent and friendly Staff. Dr. LeSage made sure I understood what could be done to improve my smile and I felt secure to go forward, I believed in him from the get go. Dr. LeSage is one smart Dentist !"
    -Jane Myer- Malibu, California
    "My relationship with Dr. LeSage and the Beverly Hills Institute of Dental Esthetics began in 2008 with a consultation. I needed some restoration work and wanted to improve the aesthetic of my smile. I interviewed and consulted four dentists with comparable backgrounds in the field of cosmetic dentistry (Accredited Fellow of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry). I selected Dr. LeSage based upon his approach, philosophy, and treatment plan. Dr LeSage is clearly passionate about his work. He is very serious and dedicated to the preservation of natural teeth and overall dental health. He utilizes state-of-the-art equipment and techniques to arrive at a diagnosis and comprehensive treatment plan. He presented plans that demonstrated the ideal as well as alternative plans that gave me the option to do less work. He is an effective communicator and completely realistic about dental aesthetics. His plans were detailed and tailored for me. I was an out-of-town patient which required some intense scheduling and long office visits. He and his staff were always accommodating, kind and caring (and still are). Dr. LeSage is a methodical perfectionist. I appreciate his unparalleled dedication to the aesthetics as well as the function. He will tirelessly make adjustments and tweaks until it's right! It isn't just about how it looks, but the mechanics and functionality are equally as important. I trust and respect his level of professionalism. My restoration is complete and the results are amazing. I continue to go to his office for follow-up appointments and general dental health. He and his staff continue to be professional, warm courteous and friendly. I thank them every time I smile."
    -Sharee Newman- Omaha, Nebraska
  • Picture taken with sister, who also
    had cosmetic treatment
    "I would recommend Dr. LeSage to anyone, and I already have. He is truly an artist and a superb dentist. I would assure anyone that is not completely happy with their smile that when Dr. LeSage is done, they will be ecstatic with their results. I couldn't have ever imagined that I would have the smile that I have today. "
    -Skylar Liatti- Riverside, California, First Year Dental Student Loma Linda University School of Dentistry
    "I was so impressed with the stunning results Dr. LeSage accomplished with my Mom, I scheduled a consultation for myself! The object of my visit was to walk away with whiter teeth, but very quickly I realized I needed more than a whitening. Dr. Lesage reassured me it could be fantastic. I asked a lot of questions and Dr. LeSage patiently explained all of my options each step of the way. His guidance in helping me choose the healthy, yet the most esthetic way to go was invaluable. When I look at the Before and After pictures I wonder why I ever hesitated!"
    -Valerie Jean Hiss- Malibu, California
    "Brian and I were introduced by one of my groomsmen over 20 years ago and now he cares for my entire family. After years of sports injuries I needed extensive work to correct degeneration. Ultimately, I needed orthodontics, gum grafting and a new tooth to get the ideal result, all of which was well worth the time, effort and expense.
    The result was way beyond my expectations both cosmetically and functionally. With my new smile, and a tooth that can bite into apples and sandwich's with confidence, I am forever grateful."

    -Scott Venturelli- Pacific Palisades, California
  • Testimonials

    I don't think anyone likes to hear that his or her teeth aren't perfect.   Dr. LeSage was always kind about my smile – he was more concerned about how as I got older my teeth would continue to move until my smile would be yes, less attractive, but more importantly - less healthy. Crossed, crooked crowded teeth are harder to clean which means more plaque, bacteria etc.    That's what really inspired me – that and a few pictures of myself that I had seen recently where my teeth looked bad.
    So, I took the plunge!  I said, "Yes!" to Invisalign.   Now to be honest, I am a huge baby when it comes to anything dental.   Even after years of coming to Dr. LeSage who is so kind and gentle – and his staff who follows his lead – I still dread coming in for any kind appointment.  So imagine my surprise at how easy and painless it all was!  Prepping for your braces is a breeze – a few molds, a few pictures and you're on your way.  When the braces come in – they put a few "buttons" on your teeth to hold them in place and then on they go!  The trays feel tight at first – and of course, having something new in your mouth takes some adjusting to – but all in all, pretty pain free.   I have to admit that learning to get them off and on in those first few days was challenging, but by the end of the third day I was a total pro – and I barely knew anything was there (and neither did anyone who I ran into!) It was always a shock to people to find out that I had braces on.    I also noticed a couple of other benefits.   You have to take out your braces to eat and drink (and then floss and brush before you put them back in) so I started eating less between meals (who wants to floss and brush five times a day?!) Because I was eating less, I lost 10 pounds!  Also, my dental appointment cleanings went by so fast because I had been taking such amazing care of my teeth – all that flossing and brushing really paid off!
    It's been a little under a year and now I have a brand new smile. I can't believe how straight my teeth are!   I couldn't be happier with the results and of course, the amazing care I got from Dr. LeSage and his wonderful staff.  I highly recommend anyone who wants straighter, healthier teeth to try Invisalign.  I love my new smile.
    Kelly Robinson

    You are without a doubt the finest dentist I have ever met. What makes you an excellent doctor is not only your top-notch training but something that can't be taught in school and that's the Artist's Eye. I hope you have continued and unbridled success. On a personal note, I hope you one day hang some of your artwork in your office as I think you have great composition in the few photos of yours I have seen.

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